Xbox Series X Generates Same Amount Of Heat As The Xbox One X

Some journalists and streamers were lucky enough to get their hands on Xbox Series X last week. The majority of the impressions were positive where reviewers praised the improved performance for backward compatible games, negligible fan noise, and reduced loading times.

However, when the reviewers used the Xbox Series X for a few days, they observed that it tends to get warm. Giant beat cast member and CNET video editor-at-large Jeff Bakalar said:

Here’s what’s crazy…[the Xbox Series X] was just plugged in in standby mode behind me and you guys, the entire thing is a little toasty. It seems like in the way like a lot of the other consoles were doing stuff while you were not using them, it seems like this thing might be doing something while you’re not using it, to the point where it needs to exhaust heat.”

Xbox Series S X

Upon revealing the storage expansion from Xbox Series X, Bakalar finds it warm to touch. In response to recent reports, Xbox marketing Guru Aaron Greenberg says that the tests done by Microsoft revealed that Xbox Series X doesn’t get any hotter than the Xbox One X.

Xbox Series X

Usually, our consoles are placed in TV stands and give out heat from the back; hence we don’t notice how hot they get. Xbox Series X and S will be launched on November 10.

Via WCCFTech