AMD is acquiring semiconductor company Xilinx for $30 billion

Acquisitions are in the air! After NVIDIA’s acquisition of Arm, and Microsoft’s bid for Zenimax, we’re looking at yet another big acquisition. AMD is in the process of acquiring semiconductor company Xilinx for $30 billion.

We know Xilinx for making FPGA products. FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are semiconductor devices capable of reconfiguration. Xilinx has a lot of great products and this will give AMD presence with more semiconductor devices.

This is also a good counter to Intel’s acquisition of Xilinx’s top competitor Altera, which happened back in 2015. WSJ reports AMD is looking at a $30 billion acquisition and will leverage its high market valuation to drive the acquisition.

AMD is also planning on entering the networking space, as we had reported recently. It looks like we will be seeing a lot more diversification from AMD in the coming years.

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