Microsoft To Fix PC Game Issues On The Windows Store

We reported last week that PC games purchased on the Windows Store are missing some pretty big features like no full-screen mode, no ability to turn V-sync off, no SLI or CrossFire support, and no support for modding. This long list of missing features are deal breakers for many gamers, but it looks like Microsoft is acknowledging these short-comings and is working towards updating the Windows Store to fix them.


Mike Ybarra, Xbox’s technical director has responded to the criticism on Twitter surrounding all of the missing features which we detailed last week. He has promised to fix the V-sync issue in a future update. One of the biggest concerns to gamers is the lack of SLI or CrossFire support. Ybarra clarified that support for those features does work, just that each game needs to support it. So the profiles for Rise of Tomb Raider might not have been added the to the Universal Windows Platform version, or NVIDIA’s or AMD’s drivers do not recognize the store at a lower-level.

It is good to see Microsoft respond so quickly, hopefully they roll out changes that make playing games purchased on the Windows Store more enjoyable and feature-filled.

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