Minisforum To Release Ultra-thin Mini-PCs Based On Intel NUC X15

Minisforum has been a name associated with Mini-PCs with modern processors. But as it appears, the name will now also be introduced in a new category as the company ventures into a new market with its new ultra-thin desktop PC which is based on the design of a laptop.


Both the NUC X15 and X17 systems come with Intel’s 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake CPUs. As suggested by the name of the products, it appears clear that both systems will also feature Intel’s X15 Laptop Kit. Codenamed as the King County, the Laptop kit was introduced by Intel last year. These are the company’s reference systems which come with a motherboard, a discrete GPU, and a CPU. The GPU can either be an RTX 3060 or RTX 3070.


It is mostly the OEMs which make use of the NUC laptop kits by Intel. It is because they would prefer spending more on marketing the laptops rather than designing from scratch. The design by Minisforum stands somewhere in the middle; it features the insides of the NUC X15 series but on the outside feature a customized ultra-thin chassis which is 39.4 cm long.

The NUC X15 and X17 will either come with an 8-core Core i7-11800H CPU or a 6-core Core i5-11400H. Though slightly older now, but these two have been the most popular CPU options for gaming laptops. However, as of now, Intel’s Alder Lake series somehow seems to top these all with its higher core count.

The systems’ pricing hasn’t been revealed by Minisforum yet. Gamers who wish to purchase the desktop PC will be able to choose between GeForce RTX 3060 or RTX 3070 discrete graphics.