ModWithMe Announces ShroudRes, Combines Radiator & Reservoir In One Unit

ModWithMe has given enthusiasts a little sneak peak at their latest creation. ModWithMe normally makes custom products for clients, but today they are announcing their first mass produced product. It is the ShroudRes and it combines a radiator and reservoir in one compact unit.

ModWithMe ShroudRes

On their Facebook page ModWithMe Concept Founder Sander Van Velden had this to say about the ShroudRes:

After 2 months of carefull design, bouncing the concept backwards and forwards between our Customer Counsel, our people from the Technical University and the ModWithMe Design Team we are finally able to show you the first picture of our upcoming product release!

We call this the ShroudRes and it revolves around the concept of optimizing space requirements by integrating the fans, the reservoir and the radiator into ONE combo pack.

– By making the reservoir the fancasing we have been able to reduce space requirements in small builds (the rad/res/fan combo is only 60mm thick with a 30mm radiator)
– By removing big reservoirs inside the case we have improved the airflow.
– By allowing only visibility to the good looking parts we have improved the esthetical value of the fans.

The ShroudRes is available in 120/240/360/480 configurations and will be rolling off the ModWithMe production line from the 1st of September!

Watch this space for your chance to be among the first to own one as the pre-order starts in 1 week!

Here are some more photos.

ModWithMe ShroudRes

ModWithMe ShroudRes

It looks like a very interesting product and we know our watercooling guys can’t wait to get their hands on one of these!

Images courtesy of eTeknix

Source: ModWithMe via eTeknix | News Archive

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