Seagate Announces New 3.5-inch Hybrid Drive

Seagate’s has got something very exciting for the desktop enthusiasts on a budget, the world’s first ever 3.5-inch hybrid drive.

Earlier we have seen Hybrid drives, or SSHD and we know pretty well that they are nothing new since so far they’ve been limited to the mobile 2.5-inch form factor. This actually resulted in somewhat higher prices per gigabyte and in most of the cases they were limited to 5400rpm.


Seagate has introduced the new ST1000DX001, which is a 7200rpm unit, with 64MB of cache and 8GB of SSD cache. It is a SATA 6Gbps drive, offering a three year warranty.

Up till now, we have only managed to locate a single listing on pricing and i.e. €115. Yes, we know that is not at all cheap, but we are quite sure of the fact that it shall finish up considerably cheaper than 2.5-inch SSHDs once it has hit the shelves and ready to be sold out.

Moreover, it will also be available in 2TB, as the ST1000DX001 with no pricing details. For the time being, there are no 2TB 2.5-inch hybrids. Seagate currently offers a single 2.5-inch SSHD in 1TB, but of course it’s a 5400rpm unit.

Source: Seagate | News Archive

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