Most Awaited The Last of Us Part I PC Update Has Arrived; Fixes Numerous Crashes

Last week, The Last of Us Part I was released on PC, but it was a bit of a mess. The port, developed by Iron Galaxy, had a lot of problems, including long shader loading times, crashes, camera problems, poor performance, and other issues that players complained about. Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have already released two hotfixes to address some of these problems, and now they’ve released a third one that fixes some control issues and several crashes. You can find the full patch notes for version of The Last of Us Part I below.

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  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Xbox controller stick inputs to erroneously read as zeros for brief periods of time
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Reset to Default’ function in the Graphics menu under Settings could make improper selections
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD performance monitors could impact performance when enabled
  • Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when using [ALT+ENTER] to toggle between Fullscreen and Windowed modes
  • Fixed an issue where a memory crash could occur during the transition from the end of the game into the credits sequence
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash while the game launched
  • Added additional crash report logs to provide further insight for developers
  • Added a new feature where users will be prompted to enable additional GPU diagnostic tooling following a GPU-related crash (optional and only enabled for the current gameplay session)

Naughty Dog had promised to fix the frustrating camera jitters in this update, but their attempted solution led to even more issues. Therefore, they have decided to postpone this particular fix to a future patch.

We previously aimed to have a fix for camera jitters related to mouse controls. However, to address unexpected issues this update caused, we’ve pushed this fix toward a later patch. Our team is continuing to work toward future improvements and patches, including eventual Steam Deck verification. We will keep you updated on future patch plans, including this week’s patch on Friday.”

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Apart from the patch released by Naughty Dog, NVIDIA has also released a hotfix for GeForce drivers today. This should address certain issues that players with RTX 30-series GPUs have faced while trying to play The Last of Us Part I.

Naughty Dog has also emphasized that getting The Last of Us Part I to work smoothly on PC is their main priority, rather than focusing on making the game compatible with Steam Deck. The game can currently be played on both PC and PS5. The next PC patch from Naughty Dog is expected to arrive this Friday, with further details about the contents of the patch to be announced soon.

Via Naughty Dog