Intel To Discontinue 11th Gen Core “Tiger Lake” Series Next Year

Starting this week, some mobile and desktop CPUs that are built on Intel Tiger Lake silicon will gradually be discontinued, with the entire process expected to be completed by January 2024. This discontinuation will occur in several stages until the CPUs are officially marked as reaching their “end of life” status.

Intel has announced that it will be discontinuing five mobile 11th Gen Core-H series SKUs, among which the Core i7-11800H, known for being a popular choice for gaming laptops, is included. Additionally, Intel has confirmed that four B-series ‘desktop’ CPUs, which were utilized in Intel NUC Extreme systems as a mobile/desktop hybrid, will also be phased out.

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Interestingly, none of these CPUs are officially marketed by Intel for direct purchase by DIY customers. However, there are still many laptops and NUC PCs that are currently available for sale in the market, which are equipped with Tiger Lake processors.

The Tiger Lake series CPUs will now be joining the ranks of the recently discontinued Rocket Lake desktop CPUs, marking the ultimate end of the 11th Gen Core series from Intel.

Via Intel