MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ventus And Gaming GPUs Leaked

MSI has been actively developing a range of eight unique models utilizing the NVIDIA RTX 4070 non-Ti graphics card. The anticipated release of these cards, which are built on the AD104-based architecture, is slated for next week. Notably, this launch will mark the introduction of ‘standard’ power connectors for NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace-based graphics cards.

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A recent leak from Gigabyte revealed that they are also planning to categorize their lineup of RTX 4070 graphics cards into two groups. One group will utilize an 8-pin power connector, while the other version will feature a more modern 16-pin design. This approach is expected to be adopted by other upcoming RTX 40 models set to be released later this quarter, offering similar options to consumers.

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MSI’s upcoming lineup of RTX 4070 graphics cards will include models such as Ventus 2X, Ventus 3X, Gaming, and SUPRIM. Recently, images of the Ventus 3X and Gaming X Trio models have surfaced. The Ventus 3X is aimed at budget-conscious consumers and will feature a single 8-pin power connector, while the Gaming GPU, which is considered a higher-tier option, will rely on a more powerful 16-pin power connector.

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One notable observation is that the Gaming Trio model features a 2.5 slot design, whereas the Ventus 3X is MSI’s first RTX 40 card to have a dual-slot design. While there are some minor design tweaks compared to the RTX 4070 Ti, the most noticeable difference is the presence of an 8-pin power connector on the Ventus 3X, setting it apart from its higher-tier counterpart.

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The MSI Gaming Trio GPU is visibly wider and longer compared to the Ventus 3X, indicating that it is likely designed with higher overclocking potential in mind. However, it’s worth noting that both cards are factory-overclocked, as confirmed by the packaging. Additionally, even the 8-pin RTX 4070 cards are expected to come with some out-of-the-box boost settings from the factory.

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The anticipated release date for the MSI RTX 4070 series is April 13th. Among the MSI lineup, the Gaming X Trio is expected to be the second most expensive card, with the Suprim series taking the top spot. On the other hand, the Ventus 3X and 2X (dual-fan) models are likely targeting a price point around the NVIDIA MSRP of $599.

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