Most GPUs Are Now Selling Below MSRP

With declining prices, graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA have finally reached a point where they have become affordable. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this decline is desirable. It has been almost two years since the RDNA2 and Ampere desktop series were first introduced, but it remains to be decided if the suggested price point from 2021 and 2022 can be considered a good deal or not.

The recent report from Tom’s Hardware states that prices in the used market are seeing a faster decline as compared to the first-hand retail market. With more people inclined towards making affordable and cheap purchases from the used market, retailers are offering deals and promotions. Despite that, prices have gone down by merely 3% on average per month. As compared to this, the prices on eBay took a nosedive and dropped by 14% over just a period of a month. The price drop further widens to 15% for the last-gen GPUs.


The used market for GPUs has already been saturated. It is overflowing with gamers who are re-selling their cards which they earlier had purchased at a much higher price. They are most likely now preparing for the next-gen cards. The group of miners has a larger impact on the market as compared to gamers and hence they tend to affect the GPU used market the most.

The report from Tom’s Hardware suggests that most of the GPUs are now selling even below the MSRP. He only catch is the condition of the card; with many mining cards making their way into the used market, it has become quite a challenge to find a card which is still in a flawless condition.

The comparison report shows how NVIDIA’s mid-range and low-end SKUs are selling on price points higher than their MSRPs. The case for the high-end cards including the likes of RTX 30 and the Radeon line-up are selling for lower prices.

Via Tom’s Hardware