MSI Announces The PRO MP241 Monitor for Professionals

Micro-Star International (MSI) is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of motherboards. It also has an excellent reputation for its other products (Laptops, Monitors, etc.). To maintain its market share and reputation, MSI has announced its new MP241 monitor, which is to target the professional (programmers, content writers) consumers instead of professional gamers.

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It’s not a gaming monitor; hence we cannot expect higher refresh rates or 4k resolution. Instead, it gives the best to professionals at an affordable rate. It features a 23.8 inches display that is perfect for professional use. Full HD resolution allows you to view all your work-related content with Crystal clarity. The Msi display kit provides the option to set the display (brightness, color, etc.) as per your liking and has HDMI and D-sub (VGA) ports for display and the standard Vesa mount. This anti-glare feature will protect your eyes from the harmful blue light and upon long term usage with the content on the screen looking vibrantly viewable.

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The monitor features 60hz refresh rate which is not very impressive. It can be tilted and set to a position in which you can work comfortably for long period of time.The monitor had only been announced with no hint for its release date, but as per tech enthusiasts, it should be a budget monitor that retailers are expected to have by the end of this month.

In short, this monitor is for professionals(programmers, writers, etc.), but casual gamers can also use it for gaming and their work-related purposes. However, casual gamers don’t require higher refresh rates or better resolutions because they do not participate in tournaments. 60hz at 1080p is the ideal choice for them.

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Besides work and gaming, this monitor can also be used for consuming content as its 1080p resolution along with anti-glare technology, makes it perfect for watching Netflix. It can also be used as a secondary monitor in your multi-monitor system.