Apple Will Start Manufacturing the 14 Inch MacBook Pro with Mini-LED Display in 2021

At the WWDC 2020 event, Apple announced its transition to custom silicon chips (manufactured by Apple) within a time frame of 2 years. The confirmation of transition was given by the Developer Transition Kit’s release with the A12Z bionic chip housed in the Mac mini. The Taiwanese research firm Trend Force said that Apple is all set to start the production of a 14 inch MacBook Pro with Mini-LED display from 2021, and tech enthusiasts can’t wait for it.

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The decision to make Mini- LED based Macs is very smart as it will allow for an improved dynamic display along with better contrast as Macs are usually used for video editing and rendering. The Mini-LED panel will also allow Apple to shrink the size and weight of their Macs.

As stated earlier that Apple has plans to switch from Intel to its custom made chips; we can expect that an Apple chip will be included in the upcoming 14-inch MacBook Pro with a Mini-LED panel. The Mini-LED panel will probably have a 1080p resolution, which will be great for sharp content visibility.

Trend force also hinted the release of Apple MacBook Pro with Mini-LED display and a 12.9 inch iPad Pro with support for 5g, integrated with 5nm based A14x chip.

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Apple’s move to shift to Mini-LED-based products in its Mac and iPad segment is appreciated. Let’s hope that these new chips perform head to head or even better than the Intel chips.

As per the claim made by Apple, its A-series chips will be 40% faster than the Intel’s. Since Apple would be manufacturing the chips in-house, we can expect a good price to performance ratio, but what we already know is, this chips’ transition will have a hefty price tag. We will see first consumer ready ARM-powered Mac later this year.