MSI Announces Upgrade Program for Z490 Motherboards

MSI has announced an upgrade program if you are going to be purchasing one of their upcoming Z490 motherboards. This program is valid on motherboards purchased May 6th through June 15th. Basically you’ll be rewarded with a Steam Wallet code if you happen to purchase a new MSI Z490 motherboard to replace your older (last generation) Intel-based motherboard. MSI requires you to register your new motherboard on online, take a picture of the boards serial number, and then upload another picture with your new motherboard side-by-side with the old one.

msi z490 upgrade program

Depending on the new motherboard that you purchase you’ll be rewarded with a Steam wallet code. Boards like the MEG Z490 GODLIKE and MEG Z490 ACE will get you $50, while boards like the MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi will get you $30. One interesting thing is that MSI is offering the Steam wallet codes if you upgrade from their motherboards, but ASUS motherboards as well.

msi z490 upgrade program2

msi z490 upgrade program3

You can see full details on the promotion here.

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