MSI Announces X399 SLI Plus Motherboard

MSI has just announced their next X399 motherboard, which is the X399 SLI Plus. This board will sit below the company’s X399 Gaming Pro Carbon, and in typical “SLI Plus” fashion it has all of the necessary things to get you going without all of the unneeded extras that you’ll find on many other boards.

MSI X399 SLI Plus Motherboard

Things that are different about this board is that MSI does away with the metallic RAM reinforcements and lowers the number of reinforced PCIe x16 slots to just two, but most people are only doing dual-GPU setups these days anyways. They’ve also dropped the total PCIe x16 slots to 4, instead of the 5 that are on the Gaming Pro Carbon. An extra PCIe x1 slot has been added though.

You still get the three M.2 slots, but only one of them has MSI’s M.2 shield on it. At the end of the day this is the typical “SLI Plus” board. Doing away with extras and things that aren’t needed to bring a lower cost to the consumer. Expect this board to be in a lower price bracket than the Gaming Pro Carbon.

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