MSI Claw 8 AI+ Gaming Handheld Leaked

While we just saw ASUS announce a new version of their ROG Ally, it looks like they won’t be the only one with a new gaming handheld announcement at Computex 2024. Just leaked by @momomo_us on Twitter/X, we have details on MSI’s upcoming next-generation Claw 8 AI+ gaming handheld. This new gaming handheld will be based on a new Intel Lunar Lake Core Ultra processor.

MSI Claw 8 AI+

Intel has confirmed previously that Lunar Lake will feature integrated Xe2 integrated graphics. This means that this new handheld will have much better gaming performance than the original Claw gaming handheld. Intel claims a 50% boost in GPU performance over Meteor Lake, which is definitely a good thing for gaming handhelds that will be based off this architecture. Other upgrades for the Claw 8 AI+ will be a larger 8-inch screen and Thunderbolt 4 support.

Below is translated from the leak…

The “Claw 8 AI+” is the world’s first portable gaming PC equipped with a Lunar Lake generation Intel® Core™ Ultra processor. It features an 8-inch Full HD display, Thunderbolt™ 4 Type-C port, enhanced LB/RB buttons, increased battery capacity, and a lighter AC adapter, making it a powerful 8-inch portable gaming PC. Additionally, MSI has partnered with Bethesda to release a limited Claw x Fallout collaboration model. This unique model boasts a 7-inch Full HD display and a special design inspired by the Fallout series’ Vault, Pip-Boy, and robots, allowing you to experience the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout games.

MSI has also partnered with Bethesda to create a limited edition version of the Claw 8 AI+ that is fashioned after the Pip-Boy from the popular series Fallout. No word on if this limited edition will have a price premium, but we can expect it to.

Via @momomo_us

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