ASRock To Showcase New Quadruple Taichi Motherboards Series And OLED Gaming Monitors At COMPUTEX 2024

ASRock is streamlining its motherboard offerings by merging the AQUA and OC Formula series into the Taichi line, creating a unified flagship range. This updated lineup will feature the Taichi AQUA, Taichi OCF, Taichi, and Taichi Lite series, catering to the latest Intel and AMD processors. The reorganized Taichi family will be showcased during Computex 2024 alongside the Phantom Gaming, Steel Legend, Livemixer, and Pro series motherboards. Each series is designed for different market segments, from gaming to professional workstations, emphasizing versatility and advanced features. In the professional and workstation sector, ASRock will offer solutions for both AMD and Intel platforms, including a standout image rendering workstation built on the AMD WRX90 WS EVO motherboard.

In partnership with Intel and Thermaltake, ASRock will also present a concept system using single-phase immersion cooling on the W790 WS motherboard with TAIMAX cooling liquid. This innovative solution is designed to improve cooling efficiency for high-performance computing tasks.


ASRock’s monitor lineup at COMPUTEX 2024 will be equally exciting. The company will debut the PGO32UFS2B, a 32-inch OLED monitor that can operate in dual modes, switching between UHD at 240Hz and FHD at 480Hz. Additionally, for users seeking even higher refresh rates, the 27-inch IPS monitor PG27FFX2A will feature an ultra-high refresh rate of 520Hz, designed to meet the demands of competitive gamers and professionals who need precise and rapid display performance.

ASRock will also unveil a lineup of mid-range monitors branded under Phantom Gaming. This series includes the 34-inch curved screen PG34QRT3A, along with 27-inch models PG27FFT1A and PG27QFT2A, and the 25-inch PG25FFT, all boasting a 180Hz refresh rate. These monitors aim to strike a balance between performance and affordability, catering to a wide range of users, from gamers to casual viewers.

Source: ASRock