ASUS Reveals ROG THOR 1600W Titanium III Power Supply Featuring Magnetic OLED Screen

ASUS has launched the ROG Thor 1600W Titanium III, a top-tier power supply that meets the latest standards. Unlike its predecessor, which used adapters to support the 12VHWPR power connector, the Thor III natively supports this connector.

THOR 3 1600W PSU 5

Designed for high-end systems, this PSU features GaN MOSFET technology, providing improved power efficiency and a more streamlined internal design for cooler operation. ASUS emphasizes the addition of a patented intelligent voltage stabilizer, which ensures stable power delivery to your graphics card, enhancing overall performance.

THOR 3 1600W PSU 1

A key feature of the ROG Thor 1600W Titanium III is its two 12V-2×6 power connectors for GPUs, which can potentially support up to three RTX 4090 cards if the third card uses 8-pin adapters. Currently, there is no information available about lower wattage models.

THOR 3 1600W PSU 3

Another notable feature of the ROG Thor 1600W Titanium III is its built-in OLED panel, which shows real-time power usage. This is especially useful for quickly monitoring system power consumption during gaming or when using multiple GPUs. A new addition is the magnetic attachment of the panel, allowing it to be placed on either side of the PSU.

THOR 3 1600W PSU 4

The PSU also features a Turbo mode aimed at maximizing power delivery for overclocked systems. Although not everyone may use this feature manually, it can be advantageous for users who consistently run their systems with overclocked settings.

Currently, full details about the Thor III are not available, and its release date and pricing have not been announced.

Source: ASUS