MSI CLAW Gaming Handheld Powere By Intel Core Ultra Is Finally Shipping

The MSI CLAW gaming handheld, powered by Intel Core Ultra, is currently available for immediate order at the official MSI store in Germany. While the availability of this gaming device varies by region, the German store indicates that it is in stock, contrasting with the different dates listed by retailers in the United Kingdom, ranging from March 20 to April.

The CLAW sets itself apart in the high-end gaming handheld category with distinctive features. It marks a milestone as the first handheld to incorporate an Intel Core Ultra processor complemented by built-in Arc Graphics. Offering WiFi support and featuring a native Thunderbolt 4 connector, the CLAW is also MSI’s inaugural entry into the gaming handheld market. Amidst a market predominantly influenced by AMD RDNA2 or RDNA3-powered consoles such as ASUS ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and the Valve Steam Deck—with the Steam Deck notable for its competitive pricing—the CLAW encounters formidable competition.

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The design from MSI showcases a 7-inch screen boasting a resolution of 1920×1080 at 120 Hz, aligning with the specifications of the ROG Ally. Noteworthy is its larger 53 Wh battery size, coupled with support for the identical M.2 2230 PCIe Gen4 storage type.

Yet, individuals expecting the CLAW to offer more memory or a competitive price might be let down. The listed official pricing on MSI’s German store positions the 512GB version (not even the highest model) at €849, exceeding its competitors by €150.

Although MSI has not officially ended its review embargo, a many devices have already been sent out to media and influencers. For several weeks, these outlets and individuals have been disclosing details and offering glimpses of features. Interestingly, the handheld is already on sale in Asia, with some gamers having shared comprehensive reviews.

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Currently, it seems there’s no need for an extra embargo. Nevertheless, unless there’s a day-1 price reduction, the CLAW could encounter difficulties due to its higher price and inferior gaming performance compared to rivals such as the Ally and Legion Go.

Source MSI Germany