MSI Gearing Up To Launch GeForce RTX 4060 NV Limited Edition

Today, MSI introduces a fresh range of Limited Edition products, designed for a limited production run and exclusively available through select retailers for a specific period. At the forefront of this release is the MSI RTX 4060 NV Edition.


This specific card is scheduled for production with a quantity of 6000 units and will include the RTX 4060 SKU, which is positioned as the lowest tier in NVIDIA’s product range. Some may wonder why MSI chose to brand it as a “Limited Edition” despite its lower tier, but it’s clear that MSI is emphasizing its collectible allure over pure performance.

Curiously, MSI avoided using NVIDIA’s name for the card, perhaps to avoid potential legal issues with the GPU manufacturer. Nevertheless, this leaves room for the potential of similar unofficial partnerships with other brands like AMD or Intel. Moreover, these collaborations could extend beyond graphics cards to include a range of other hardware components.


This concept appears to be an appealing option for PC enthusiasts seeking something distinct. With 6000 units in production, the likelihood of obtaining one of these cards is relatively good. However, it’s still unclear whether these products will be available worldwide or limited to specific regions. The RTX 4060 NV Edition is set to launch on September 25th.

Via Videocardz