MSI Is Working On AMD B650 “DIY-APE” Motherboards With Connectors On The Back

It is not only ASUS, but also MSI and MaxSun, who are planning to introduce more mid-range products based on their DIY-APE design. However, it’s important to note that the name of the concept series doesn’t necessarily reflect the final product name. For example, ASUS recently launched its TUF B760M BTF (Back to the Future) motherboard for Intel LGA1700 CPUs, while MSI had their own Project Zero.

The core concept of this project involves streamlining cable management by completely concealing them, meaning all power connectors, fan headers, storage, and peripheral connections are relocated to the back of the case. It’s worth noting that a compatible case is necessary for this idea to work, as without one, it would be impossible to establish any of these connections.

It has been reported that two MSI AMD B650 motherboards are currently in the qualification stage, which suggests that the launch of the final product is still a matter of weeks or even months away. While it may be tempting to rush such a novel concept, it’s generally not advisable to do so.

For customers interested in DIY-APE motherboards, it’s important to note that not all cases are compatible with them. The original post on Bilibili showcases at least two case designs that are ready for use with the DIY-APE series.

With at least three motherboard manufacturers (Maxsun, ASUS, and MSI) now on board, we can expect market adoption of the DIY-APE series to accelerate in the months ahead. Additionally, Gigabyte has their own Project Stealth, though it’s not part of the DIY-APE program.

Images Source: Bilibili, Zfrontier