MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk Motherboard Review

Software & Lights
MSI’s motherboard companion software is known as Dragon Center. When you open it up there are tabs for Performance, Hardware Monitor, EyeRest, and LAN Manager.

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If you click on performance there are built-in settings for “Silent” and “OC”, but there are also two profiles you can configure. You can easily adjust clocks, voltages, and even memory settings.

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Hardware Monitor gives you a live view of whats going on in your system including frequencies, voltages, and temperatures.

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EyeRest allows you to set different monitor settings for different activities you might be doing on your PC.

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The Gaming LAN manager gives you full control over the network connection, allowing you to set priorities, see usage, run a network test, etc.

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Live Update is built into Dragon Center, it will keep your apps up to date.


There are a few tools built into Dragon Center, they include the Graphics Fan tool, USB Speed Up, and VR Ready.


The RGB lighting on this board is of course controlled by MSI’s Mystic Light software. The interface is quite nice and you can select the two RGB spots on the board as well as all of the headers.


There are RGB LEDs on the PCH heatsink as well as on the front edge of the board, which give the board some cool under-glow.

MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk

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