MSI RTX 40 SUPER Series Lineup With 16GB Memory Leaked By A Retailer

As CES 2024 draws near, retailers are gearing up for NVIDIA’s Special Address, where the company is set to reveal its latest lineup of GeForce RTX 40 cards. Expect day-1 preorders to become available, or at least get initial information from retailers and board partner sites shortly after NVIDIA officially introduces these cards.

Distributors are sharing preliminary details with retailers, and some appear indifferent to embargoes. Thanks to these disclosures, we’ve come across the complete RTX 40 SUPER series from MSI, consisting of a total of 12 cards, with four for each SKU.

The upcoming lineup will include the RTX 4080 SUPER in a SUPRIM X version, undoubtedly the priciest card in this series. While specific pricing details are not worth delving into due to placeholder data, it’s undeniable that the SUPRIM X series represents MSI’s premium offerings, likely commanding a high price. Rumors suggest the MSI RTX 4080 SUPER will house an AD103-400 GPU with 10,240 CUDA cores and feature 16GB GDDR6X memory on a 256-bit memory bus. This leak partially verifies the memory specifications.


MSI has officially verified that the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER will boast a 16GB memory configuration. This card is slated to debut within the GAMING X SLIM series, showcasing a stylish white and black color scheme. Additionally, MSI plans to introduce a VENTUS 2X OC model featuring a dual-fan design. Notably, the Ventus 3X variant is absent for the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, but it is in the pipeline for the RTX 4080 SUPER release.

The custom variants for the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER and RTX 4070 SUPER lineups will mirror each other, with the main difference being a decrease in memory capacity from 16GB to 12GB. Both SKUs will also feature distinct CUDA core specifications and TDP. The RTX 4070 Ti SUPER is set to showcase an AD103-275 GPU with 8,448 CUDA cores, accompanied by 16GB GDDR6X memory and a 256-bit memory bus. Conversely, the RTX 4070 SUPER will debut with an AD104-350 GPU and 7,168 CUDA cores, matching the RTX 4070 specs of 12GB GDDR6X and a 192-bit memory bus.

On January 8, NVIDIA is set to unveil its RTX 40 SUPER series at CES 2024. While pricing details and clock speeds await confirmation, the provided data can be used to estimate the variations between each model. The average prices from these listings, converted to USD without VAT, are anticipated to be approximately $1,461 (4080S), $1,120 (4070TiS), and $885 (4070S) respectively.

Source & Image: Videocardz