MSI X670 Motherboards Are Now On Sale

We have come across a few Italian retailers listing the AMD X670 motherboards which means that these will be the very first of the platforms offering AMD’s next-gen AM5 motherboards which will be coming soon to the consumers. We have seen three different websites list two of the MSI X670 motherboard series. The pictures used are the same which indicates that perhaps this is coming from the same distributor. The pricing, however, varies according to the retailer.
The Pro X670-P is the cheaper model and has now been listed within the range of 374 to 426 EUR including 22% Italian VAT. If the tax is excluded, it will equal to around 316 to 360 USD.

MSI X670

The MPG X670E Carbon Wi-Fi is the more expensive model which is a more capable Extreme variant of the X670 chipset. This one has been listed for 562 to 640 EUR which equals to around 475 to 540 USD without the Italian VAT.

Both these models come with Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5G LAN networking and support PCIe Gen5 storage. The X670E Carbon model also supports Gen5 graphics cards and comes with an advanced power delivery as opposed to the Pro model.

MSI X670

It has been clear that this MPG Carbon is not going to be MSI’s flagship model. The company is working on MEG Ace and Godlike series which come with increased power designs going up to 22+2+1 phase. Along with this, they will also enable faster ethernet and onboard information display.