Mushkin Redline DDR4-3000 16GB Memory Kit Review

Final Thoughts
As I mentioned in the beginning of this review the Redline series currently sits at the top of Mushkin’s product stack when it comes to DDR4 and to be honest I am a little disappointed. First when it comes to performance and secondly when it comes to overall looks and style.

Mushkin memory used to be a favorite of mine. Not only did it have great overall performance, but you could really push it. I remember achieving massive overclocks with Mushkin DDR3 memory, but that does not seem to be true with their DDR4. Even slightly loosening the timings and upping the voltage I was only able to get an extra 200 MHz out of this kit. In our comparison testing the kit performed close to the bottom of our test group. This is not to say the performance of the kit is bad by any means, but for a DDR4-3000 kit the timings are a little high.

Being a memory kit targeting enthusiasts and gamers the Redline kits sort of look “plain” compared to what else is out there currently. The Frostbyte G3 heatspreader does look pretty good, but it just seems dated. Also Mushkin has gone with a green PCB here, which is odd because the Blackline kit we reviewed about a year ago had a black PCB. The green PCB just does not go well with the red heatspreader at all. Top of the line memory kits from other company’s really stand out from the crowd, I just expected more from Mushkin here.

At the end of the day this is not a bad memory kit, but Mushkin could have done so much better with the Redline Series. Right now you can pick up the MRA4U300JJJM8GX2 kit which we reviewed today at our favorite online retailer for $95.12.

– Lifetime warranty
– Decent overall performance

– Limited overclocking
– Heatspreader design seems dated
– Green PCB

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