MXL Tempo Microphone Review

With the explosive growth of game and entertainment streaming, and podcasts finally feeling like they are becoming mainstream, serious media sources, the need for quality audio recording equipment has become a reality. Many traditional gaming peripheral manufacturers have dipped their toes into the water by offering standalone microphones that typically perform better than a headset-based microphone, but this type of item isn’t their forte. Thankfully there are plenty of traditional audio gear companies out there that have stepped up to the plate to offer a wide range of products to help everyone from the fledgling beginner to the seasoned pro bring great sounding audio to their audiences. One of those companies is MXL, and today we will be taking a look at the Tempo, a USB condenser microphone that gets right to business.

Special thanks to MXL for providing us with the Tempo review sample!


USB condenser microphone
Frequency Response:
40 Hz – 18kHz
Sampling Rate:
44.1kHz – 48kHz
USB Compatibility:
USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
A/D Converter:
16-bit Delta Sigma with THD%N – 0.01%
1/8" (3.5mm) Headphone Jack / USB
-47 dB re 1 v/Pa
Power Requirements:
USB powered
Windows and Mac® OS
1.85" X 7.5" / 47mm X 190mm
0.65 lbs / 280g
Metal Finish:
Various Colors


The Tempo comes packaged in a glossy retail box that features a plastic window on the front, allowing you to see the microphone itself. Aside from the MXL logo and the “TEMPO” designation, the front of the retail box is quite plain.

MXL Tempo

Moving to the back of the box we find a list of the Tempo’s features, as well as a look at the included accessories. Color options are listed as well, with our white and red sample option appearing to be added after the box was designed, as it was placed as a sticker. Wrapping up the back of the box is an image of a musician using the Tempo along with an electric guitar, keyboard, and laptop.

MXL Tempo

The contents of the box are kept snugly in their place thanks to a soft foam inner shell. We really appreciate this extra padding, as it helps ensure that products arrive in the hands of customers in good shape.

MXL Tempo


Included with the Tempo are a few items that make setting up the microphone an easy task. Aside from a lengthy USB cable, there is also a nice microfiber cleaning cloth, an MXL sticker, a product guide, and a quick installation guide.

MXL Tempo

Additionally, there is a small tripod-style microphone stand, and a hard mount mic stand adapter, which can be used with both the included microphone stand, as well as standard threaded mic arms.

MXL Tempo MXL Tempo