Mystery Stories from Land-Based Casinos

Before online casino platforms became as popular as they are today, there was a lot of mystery involving how punters ended up landing on big wins on land-based platforms. Unlike today, it was quite hard for gamers to land on millions of dollars without suspicion of cheating or collusion. Till date, lots of gamblers believe in lucky charms, also known as amulets while others swear by house beating strategies such as counting cards.

On the flip side, as lucrative as these wins often are, some people go as far as associating gambling money with unnerving bad luck. Is it just superstition with no tangible evidence? Do lucky charms work? Are there foolproof strategies for beating the house?

Well, today we’ll explore some mind-boggling mysteries about gambling that could answer these questions, or perhaps get you even more perplexed! However, you want to look at it, on you will find some of the most wondrous mystery stories from land-based casinos:

●       Breaking the Bank

What does the phrase ‘break the bank’ mean? Is it possible to beat the house hands down? This phrase ‘break the bank’ can be tracked down towards the end of the 19th century. We take a trip to the Monte-Carlo, at a land-based casino which opened in 1863. A player at that casino kept winning so much, that the house didn’t have enough money at the table to pay the winner. The casino’s employees were forced to go to a vault to get the funds. The house literally had to break its bank by getting money from the vault to pay up the player’s winnings. From then on, such an honorary title was left for players who manage to win more than the house can afford to pay.

Nowadays it’s hard for players to break the bank because the operators are often prepared for worst-case scenarios (i.e., when a player wins too much money). The most recent case of a player breaking the bank was in 2011 when Don Johnson broke the bank of three different casinos in Atlantic City.
Mr Johnson managed to bag $5.8 million, $5 million and $4 million while playing blackjack at Tropicana, Borgata and Caesar’s Casinos respectively. After earning the sums on each gaming house, he was cut off by the dealers to prevent him from playing more rounds!

●       The Early Bird Catches the Worm

This saying can be tracked down to the 17th century, and many believe that gamblers coined the axiom. Even though we usually associate land-based casinos with a night lifestyle, a 74-year old American lady proved this wrong by winning a massive amount of money before breakfast. How does a player receive $22,600,000 just a few hours after waking up?

Johanna decided to place a $170 bet on Megabucks, which earned her 22.6 million dollars instantly. Initially, Johanna thought she had only won $2 million which to her was more than enough. But when she realized she was multimillionaire; she was on the seventh moon!

●       Money Can’t Buy Everything

Many of us have used the expression “Money can’t buy everything” at one point or another; but do we really believe it? And uttering these words before an audience will raise a curl of differing voices, right? But wait, you have to think outside the box now. Let’s start with a question: if you became a multimillionaire in a split second, what would it take for you to give it all back?

Let’s talk about a casino waitress who won around $35 million in Las Vegas 2000. A lady by the name Cynthia Jay Brenna was waiting tables at Las Vegas when she got a golden opportunity. Cynthia bet numerous times and ended up winning $34,959,458.56. Guess what Cynthia did with the cash? She bought herself a dream wedding dress and married her boyfriend, planning to travel the world with the rest of the money.

While a simple waitress winning such a huge amount could shock you, that isn’t what’s mysterious about her story. A few weeks after her historic win, things took a different turn. Cynthia had a horrific car accident which killed her sister and left her paralyzed forever after a drunk driver hit their car. After the crash, she said that she could give back every cent to have her old life back. Many were left wondering about the incident; what are the chances of landing on the greatest fortune and fiasco of your life right at the same time?

●       Barred for Life!

How much can one-person win? Scratch that, how much can one person win, blow the money, then get back to winning several times over? Well, Mr Archie Karas is one kind of fellow who is simply a betting legend. All professionals in the industry know about his achievements.

Archie Karas whose most significant win from a casino was 40 million dollars lost over $20 million playing baccarat and about $10 million playing craps. And this colossal loss occurred in a span of only three weeks. Despite taking some time off betting to find better ways of spending his cash, he still blew the remaining $10 million in Las Vegas.

But Archie wasn’t one to give up that easily. He came back to gambling after borrowing money from friends and won a million dollars! Unfortunately for him, he was allegedly caught cheating and was banned from all US casinos for life. All we can say is at least Archie Karas’ life was no boring! All he went through is featured in book amongst the best casino stories, along with the world’s most ludicrous bets. Well, how lucky can one person get? And if it’s true he was cheating, was his system so effective that he could beat the house over and over again?

If the stories above don’t get you scratching your head or raising your eyebrows, we don’t know what will. Find out more on What is the most mysterious story about land-based casinos you’ve come across? We’d like to hear from you right here in our comments section. Better yet, shoot us an email with as much detail as possible!

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