Native Union CLIC 360° iPhone Case Review

Installation & Usage
There were no installation instructions with the case, but getting my iPhone 6s in the case was pretty simple. Just slide one half of your phone into the case like you see below.

Native Union CLIC 360° iPhone Case

Now apply pressure and press the rest of your phone down into the case. With the phone installed in the case we can see how the case overhangs the edges of our iPhone. This will of course protect your screen from shattering when you drop your phone.

Native Union CLIC 360° iPhone Case

As I mentioned in the introduction of this review I have been using the CLIC 360° iPhone Case for about a month now. I definitely like it better than the case that I had on my iPhone, which was one I picked up at the Apple Store which I purchased my iPhone. It was $50 and I was not impressed at all. The CLIC 360° does not add much bulk at all to my iPhone, which I really like. The British Millerain waxed canvas does give the case a very unique look and the Native Union logo on the bottom of the case really sets it off.

Native Union CLIC 360° iPhone Case

The British Millerain waxed canvas will wear over time to give the case it’s own unique look. This has already started to happen with my case and I really like it. Now this is canvas so it will get dirty over time as well. You can use a damp cloth to clean it from time to time and you can use wax dressing to clean the case.

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