AZIO MGK 1 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

While it’s certainly true that there are those that could care less what input devices they use with their computer they must be the minority with all the options we have available to us. Your input device, your mouse and keyboard, are like your virtual hands that allow you to manipulate the pixels displayed before you and bend them to your will. For this reason the look, feel, and feedback of these devices is very important to us. When it comes to keyboards specifically, each of us has a different physiology and needs. However there are certainly a couple of features that set one keyboard apart from another regardless of personal opinion. It’s no secret that the mechanical keyboard is often the most sought after type of deck thanks to it’s snappy response and luscious actuation. Today we’ll be taking a look at one specific mechanical keyboard, the AZIO MGK 1 RGB. This fully backlit board has RGB LED lighting and of course, those awesome mechanical switches. Follow along as we go through the board and evaluate its potential strengths and weakness’.

Special thanks to AZIO for providing the MGK 1 RGB for review!


The MGK 1 RGB comes to us in a black and gloss black striped box shipped inside a plastic bag. It features a large photo of the keyboard as well as the product name and generic description. Really nice exterior packaging if I do say so myself.

MGK 1 RGB (1) AZIO MGK 1 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Flipping the box straight over to the back we are given essentially the full user manual spread out across the box in six different languages. This includes instructions for using the lighting and descriptions of all six modes.

MGK 1 RGB (3)

The bottom side of the box has the specifications that were listed on the back in English repeated in six additional languages. Meanwhile the remaining three sides simply have a product image and name.

MGK 1 RGB (4) MGK 1 RGB (5) MGK 1 RGB (6)

Opening the thin outer box we find that the keyboard and accessories are protected by a much thicker clamshell style cardboard box. Note the deep circular indentation on the right side of the box. We are unsure what could have make this dent but there is no ill effect inside the box from it. Flipping the cover open we find the keyboard itself wrapped in plastic and cushioned by foam cutouts.

MGK 1 RGB (7) MGK 1 RGB (8)

Removing the board and the few accessories included we find everything in perfect condition. This must mean the packaging is sufficient to get the board to you in one piece from around the world. Without the plastic shrouds we see the finishes are all good and there are no blemishes to be found. With the keyboard you will find a palm rest, User Guide, Trouble Shooting Guide, and orange key cap puller.

MGK 1 RGB (9) AZIO MGK 1 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AZIO MGK 1 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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