Native Union JUMP Cable Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
The JUMP Cable can be used just like a normal charging cable. So when you connect the Lightning side to your device and the USB side to your PC or charger your device will start charging, just like a normal charging cable. For those wondering the cable is a data cable too so you will have no problem syncing with the JUMP Cable. What is great is that once your device reaches 100% charge the battery inside JUMP will start charging. This means that JUMP will always be charged and ready to go.

Native Union JUMP Cable

If you are using a JUMP as just a battery pack just plug in your device and press the small power button on JUMP to start charging your device. Native Union says that JUMP provides an estimated 30–33% charge to iPhone 5. For the iPhone 5s, which has a larger battery, this number is closer to 24–27%, and for the iPhone 6 the charge would be estimated around 15–18%, considering the size of its battery. (These % are calculated based on the phone being tested in idle mode). That is more than enough to get you through until you can find an outlet or USB port.

Native Union JUMP Cable

I have been using the JUMP Cable for the past couple of weeks and now I don’t go anywhere without it. I think that is the beauty of the JUMP cable is that it is so simple and so small that it is hard not to leave home without it. Being a guy we don’t want to be carrying around a large battery pack in our jeans all night, it is just not comfortable. At the same time if I am taking a battery pack with me I have to remember to bring a lightning cable too, something I always tend to forget. So with JUMP I always have a cable with me and a battery pack that is much easier to carry with me. Check out the photo below to see the size of the JUMP Cable next to two of the battery packs I typically use.

Native Union JUMP Cable

Right now you can pick up the JUMP cable at my favorite online retailer for $49.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Native Union JUMP Cable a perfect 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

rating10 10 small TC award editorschoice small

– Small and compact
– Cable and battery in one
– Will intelligently charge battery after your phone is done charging
– Quality design
– Available in both Lightning and microUSB versions

– None that I found

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