New Apple Silicon MacBook Pro Models With Mini-LED Will Release Sooner Than Expected

There is a possibility that Apple’s high-end M1 iPad might arrive in limited quantities since Apple is having issues with the mini-LED production. Everybody is assuming that the upcoming Apple Silicon MacBook Pro might also get delayed since they will reportedly share the same Liquid Retina XDR displays like the iPad Pro.


The reason behind the mini-LED production issue is that one of Apple’s vendors, TSMT, responsible for producing mini-LED for the M1 iPad Pro reportedly ran into technical problems. Digi Times stated that TSMT was having problems with the circuit board and other materials for the mini-LED screens. Luckily, the problem has been solved now and TSMT has increased its production rate by 95%. TSMT also suggested that the launch should not be delayed if no other production issues arise.

Even if the mini-LED issue is solved, Apple has to deal with the global chip shortage issue for which Apple is closely working with TSMC. If there are no hindrances in the plan, Apple might announce the new notebooks during a dedicated online event in October which will be held shortly after the iPhone 13 announcement in late September.

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There is a possibility that Apple might use its M1X or M2 chipset in the upcoming MacBook Pro models.

Via DigiTimes