Here is The MacBook Pro With a Mechanical Keyboard

Everyone appreciated Apple’s decision to replace the butterfly keyboard with a scissor-switch mechanism on its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. This provided users with an improved typing experience.

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Despite this, some fans believe that the scissor-switch mechanism can’t compete with the experience of a Mechanical keyboard on a laptop, and unfortunately, Apple may never introduce a mechanical keyboard in their MacBooks. Luckily, a Youtuber modified his personal MacBook to add a mechanical keyboard, and yeah it works too.

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The Youtuber named, Squashy Boy, was not satisfied with the current keyboard on his MacBook Pro so he decided to change it and he has named his altered Mac as Mechbook. The uploaded video indicates that Youtuber used an old-gen Mac as a series of ports from MagSafe charger to an RJ45 Ethernet port can be seen which are not offered on the current-gen Macs.

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The Youtuber started his mission by the basic step of removing the original keyboard and then used DIY techniques to increase the housing space for a mechanical keyboard. Instead of connecting a mechanical keyboard, a wireless mechanical keyboard was placed in the enlarged housing. Glue was used to ensure that the keyboard remains in place.

The Youtuber also replaced some of the mechanical keyboard keys to further elevate the typing experience. The biggest turn-off in installing a mechanical keyboard on a MacBook is that the lid can not be closed completely. Currently, it is unclear whether the process can be carried out on the latest Macs or not.