New Battlefield Game Set For EA’s 2019 Fiscal Year

EA’s Battlefield 1 launched back in 2016 and is still a very popular game, continuing to serve as a cash magnet for EA. But a new Battlefield game will be coming soon enough. This new Battlefield game will release sometime during EA’s fiscal 2019 timeline, which runs from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

Battlefield 1

If I were a guessing man I would say we would should see the game right around this time next year. Battlefield 1 was released on October 21, 2106 and typically most games release right before Holiday season.

“The core of our fiscal 2019 is a full slate of sports titles and their associated live services, plus new live services from Star Wars Battlefront II,” Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen said in the report. “We will add the next Battlefield game, and move into the action genre with Anthem. We expect our subscriber base to continue to grow, and for our new mobile titles to benefit from players looking for deeper experiences with higher production values.”

Talking about “Live Services” (DLC, game passes etc), Jorgensen went on to say that these services are a “bedrock” of the EA business, which is not a surprise as EA makes most of their money this way.

ea financials

“As you build your fiscal 2019 model, remember that our event-driven live services continue to be the bedrock of our business. Live services, including mobile live services, were nearly half of our net bookings over the last twelve months. Including our recurring sports titles and catalog sales in the calculation takes the total to over 75% of our annual net bookings, leaving less than a quarter of net bookings delivered through the sale of the remaining frontline titles. ”

“In addition, our live services are growing strongly; we forecast 10% to 15% growth in fiscal 2018 and we’re tracking well ahead of that. We’re excited by the progress we are making, and the impact it will have on fiscal 2019.”

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