New Crypto-Mining System From Biostar Will Use Eight Radeon RX 6600 Graphics Cards

In Biostar’s latest press release, the RDNA2 based iMiner 660MX8D2 prebuilt system for mining has finally been announced. The company had launched the Radeon RX 580 based mining system only two months ago. The mining system came with eight graphics cards each. Talking of the iMiner A588X8D2, it has a hash rate of 232 MH/s in ETH mining. Now today Biostar has announced the crypto mining system based on RDNA2. It will have eight Radeon RX 6600 graphics cards each.

Biostar Miner 6600 3

The iMiner 660MX8D2 on the other hand comes with the Radeon RX 6600 GPUs which have a hash rate of 248 MH/s in ETH mining. This shows a 7% increase in speed in comparison to the mining system based on RX 580. The system features Biostar’s own B360 motherboard. The B360 has been designed purposefully for multi-GPU use like in cryptocurrency mining in this case. The motherboard is equipped with the Intel G4900 processor and has a DDR4-2666 RAM of 8 GB.

Biostar Miner 6600 2

There are speculations that the graphics cards might be going to gamers first instead of the mining rigs. Since we have better current-gen GPUs coming out each day, these systems don’t pose as a threat to the overall GPU market and will not have any meaningful impact. What we are hoping for is that AMD would start the supply of these cards to those companies which are fonder of gaming rather than those which focus on miners and profits.

Biostar Miner 6600 1

Via VideoCardz