New SFF-Ready Standard For RTX Graphics Cards Unveiled By NVIDIA

Small form factor or SFF builds have become extremely popular over the past few years. We’ve reviewed quite a lot of small form factor cases and sometimes it is not clear if the graphics card we have will fit in the system. To combat all of the questions of what cards will fit etc, NVIDIA has announced the new GeForce RTX SFF-Ready Enthusiast Graphics Card Guideline.

nvidia sff guideline 1

This new guideline gives specific dimensions that enthusiast-class RTX graphics cards cannot be larger than. The dimensions are a maximum of 30.4 cm in length, a maximum of 15.1 cm in height, and a maximum of 5 cm or 2.5 slots in card thickness. Cards that are at these exact dimensions or smaller will be able to have the “SFF-Ready” marker on their card and will be listed as a SFF-Ready card by NVIDIA. NVIDIA has also specified that board partners cannot get the SFF-Ready marker by using AIO liquid cooling solutions where there is more to the card (radiator and fan) than the main component of the card.

NVIDIA will be maintaining not only a list of SFF-Ready graphics cards, but also a list of SFF-Ready cases too. This should definitely help with deciding on what graphics card / SFF case combo you are going to want to get when building a new system.

nvidia sff guideline 2 nvidia sff guideline 3

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