New Xbox Series X Digital Model White Edition Featuring Improved Heatsink In The Works

A new all-digital model of the Xbox Series X in white is reportedly set to be launched by Microsoft later this year. Initially, the Series S was released in white, while the Series X came in black. Following the introduction of a black edition for the Series S last year, rumors suggest that Microsoft is planning to unveil a white version for the Xbox Series X, based on information obtained by Exputer from confidential sources.


The upcoming Xbox Series X White variant is rumored to be an all-digital console, similar to the Series S, and is expected to launch between June and July this year, though a delay is a possibility. In addition to its white color and all-digital nature, reports suggest that this new Series X model will include an improved heatsink and an upgraded Nexus socket. By eliminating the disc drive, Microsoft aims to offer this model at a potentially lower price than the current Series X, with estimates ranging from around $50 to $100 lower, according to information from Exputer.

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Please be aware that the details provided above have not been officially confirmed. Therefore, it’s advisable to approach this information with caution at this time. However, it’s worth noting that Microsoft has a track record of introducing hardware revisions and diverse models, making the concept of an all-digital Series X plausible. Additionally, Exputer has demonstrated reliability in the past, accurately predicting the release date of Forza Motorsport last year.

Source: Exputer