Newegg Canada Lists Several Z390 Motherboards

It looks like the leaks keep on coming for Intel’s Z390 platform as it turns out if you search on Newegg Canada for “Z390” 15 motherboards show up from MSI and Gigabyte. Please take note that these boards are listed in Canadian Dollars.

newegg z390 motherboards 1 newegg z390 motherboards 2

Some of the more interesting boards to note here are the MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE board, which will go for $857.53 ($665.58 USD). This should be the highest-spec’d Z390 motherboard from MSI.

You also have the Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Master, which is priced at $469.53 ($364.38).

While you can still search for “Z390” on the Newegg Canada website and have these pages come up (at time of writing), the page has also been saved in the Internet Archive for your viewing.

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