Next-Gen LPDDR6 Memory Expected To Hit Up To 14.4 Gbps Data Rate While DDR6 Will Achieve 17.6 Gbps

The Low Power Double Data Rate 6 (LPDDR6) memory is expected to be launched with data rates starting at 10.667 Gbps and a bandwidth of 32 Gbps. This information comes from a JEDEC presentation, as disclosed by Synopsys and published by Darkmont. The presentation covers various topics, including LPDDR, DDR, and CAMM standards.


The LPDDR5 standard is now 5 years old, making an update overdue. Mid-product updates like LPDDR5X and LPDDR5T from Samsung and SK Hynix are no longer sufficient. In 1-2 years, the demand for higher bandwidth will be undeniable, especially with the advancements in integrated graphics solutions that heavily depend on fast system memory.

According to the presentation, JEDEC anticipates a data rate of 10.667 Gbps with the new standard once it becomes available. However, this isn’t the maximum data rate expected from this standard, as 14.4 Gbps is also listed as the highest defined rate. This marks the first confirmation that the LPDDR6 target is this high. The documents indicate that users should initially expect a bandwidth of 28.5 to 32 GBps, with the potential to reach up to 38.4 GBps.


There is also an update for DDR6, although the standard is not yet finalized and JEDEC has yet to decide on the signaling method (PAM or NRZ). The current plan indicates that data rates should range from 8.8 Gbps to 17.6 Gbps, with the possibility of extending up to 21 Gbps. Even without this extension, the 17.6 Gbps rate would already be twice as high as the DDR5-8400 JEDEC standard (PC5-67200). The DDR6 specifications are expected to be finalized by the second quarter of next year, with an initial draft anticipated this year.

Source: JEDEC