Next Generation Xbox To Be Powered by A Zen 5 CPU; Expected To Be Cheaper Than The PS6

The upcoming Xbox console, slated for release in a few years, is anticipated to debut ahead of the PlayStation 6, as Microsoft aims to establish a precedent for the next console generation.

In a recent YouTube video, RedGamingTech disclosed a notable shift in Microsoft’s upcoming console timeline, diverging from earlier leaked FTC documents. Sources now indicate the console is set for a 2026 release, featuring a Zen 5 CPU instead of the initially mentioned Zen 6, as the latter architecture is not expected to be ready by that time.

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Microsoft’s decision to launch the next-gen Xbox ahead of the PlayStation 6 is driven by a strategic intent to establish the narrative for the upcoming console era, reminiscent of the successful approach taken with the Xbox 360 generation. While the hardware may be less potent than competitors, this move aims to offer a more affordable alternative to the PlayStation 6, enabling Microsoft to introduce a more powerful hardware revision later on.

The possibility of Microsoft launching two versions of their upcoming console remains uncertain. However, speculations hint at a potential lower-end variant geared towards cloud gaming, aligning with the company’s emphasis on Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming services.

Given that the next-gen Xbox is a few years from release, it’s prudent to approach these early rumors with caution. While Microsoft is evidently dedicated to the next-gen Xbox, reports suggest that Sony is actively developing a PlayStation 5 Pro console, slated for unveiling and release next year.