Nintendo Switch 2 To Feature 8″ LCD Screen, Will Be Launched This Year

According to a Bloomberg report today, Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase predicts that the Nintendo Switch 2 console, featuring an 8-inch LCD screen, might launch this year. Hayase’s forecast is grounded in research on small and medium displays, involving consultations with supply chain companies. Consequently, he anticipates a twofold increase in amusement display shipments in 2024, driven by the Nintendo Switch 2.

While Nintendo has not officially affirmed the existence of a new console, persistent rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 have circulated for several months. Industry insiders, including Japanese game developers from CAPCOM, Koei Tecmo, and Spike Chunsoft, have begun expressing enthusiasm about the potential upcoming console.

Nintendo unveiled the console to fellow publishers and developers at Gamescom 2023. Subsequent reports disclosed that the Nintendo Switch 2 featured an enhanced demonstration of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, running at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Additionally, a demo of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 – The Matrix Awakens was showcased during this event.

Nintendo Switch 2 Handheld 1920x1080 1

Conflicting reports have emerged regarding the system specifications. While some rumors indicate a 5nm node for the chipset, other reliable leakers assert that it will utilize a Samsung 8nm process node. The Nintendo Switch 2 is anticipated to be built upon the NVIDIA Tegra 239, a customized variant of the T234. It is expected to include support for NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution and Ray Reconstruction, enhancing its capabilities for ray tracing, although Frame Generation is likely to be absent.

Nevertheless, Digital Foundry’s initial assessment, utilizing comparable specifications, indicates that the Nintendo Switch 2 should handle 1080p with ray tracing effectively. The overall performance of the console is speculated to closely align with that of the Xbox Series S, the foundation for current-generation games. Additionally, there are rumors hinting that Nintendo is experimenting with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for the console, with indications that it may be confined to the docked mode.

As for the game lineup, the ideal launch title could be the much-anticipated Metroid Prime 4. Initially revealed shortly after the debut of the first Switch in 2017, the game was initially in development by Bandai Namco Studios. However, in early 2019, the project underwent a reboot and was entrusted once again to Retro Studios, the Texas-based developer responsible for the earlier Metroid Prime games.

Source: Bloomberg

Image: Fan mockup for the Nintendo Switch 2