The Nintendo Switch 2 Devkit Can Reportedly Run Final Fantasy VII Remake

According to a trusted insider on Reddit, the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 appears to be a significant advancement in terms of its processing capabilities compared to its predecessor. The individual known as “I’m A Hero Too,” renowned for their reliable leaks shared fresh insights about the next Nintendo console. These insights include the fact that developers have had access to development kits for some time, the console will maintain backward compatibility, and it will introduce new cartridges and a novel camera feature.

Surprisingly, there’s a chance that the Nintendo Switch 2 could offer enough power to run Final Fantasy VII Remake at a level comparable to the PlayStation 5, possibly even as a launch title. The port for this game seems to have been developed in a remarkably brief timeframe. This may seem implausible, but it’s a distinct possibility given the potential inclusion of NVIDIA DLSS support in the next Nintendo console. With hardware equivalent to that of the PlayStation 4, it could easily handle the game at 1080p with smooth performance, utilizing NVIDIA’s upscaling technology to achieve higher resolutions.


In addition to sharing insights about the Nintendo Switch 2, the leaker also divulged fresh information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This update suggests that the game’s storyline will conclude in a way that paves the way for a new protagonist in the third installment of the remake project. This revelation provides a clue regarding the specific point in the original storyline where the game’s narrative will end.

Furthermore, the leaker touched upon the subject of the Final Fantasy IX remake, initially slated for a Summer 2024 release. However, it appears that this project might encounter challenges that could potentially cause it to miss its intended release window.

Although ‘I’m a Hero Too’ has established a strong track record of reliability, the presence of impersonators has led us to approach their recent information with caution. Fortunately, the imminent Nintendo Switch 2 reveal should provide us with concrete evidence of its power capabilities, allowing us to verify the claims made by the leaker in the near future.

Via Wccftech