Nintendo Switch 2 With 2 Variants To Be Released on September 24th, 2024 Starting At $400

SoldierDelta, a Discord user known for sharing information and screenshots of Team NINJA’s Rise of the Ronin on The Snitch’s server, has disclosed details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 consoles internally known as NG. According to SoldierDelta, these Switch 2 consoles are targeting a release date of September 24, 2024. However, there is also a possibility of a November 2024 release, suggested as a potential timeframe. At launch, consumers can expect two models: a standard version priced at $449 US and a digital-only option available for $400 US.

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Nintendo seems to be following a similar path to Xbox and PlayStation 5 by providing both digital and standard editions of their consoles, giving consumers the choice to either use discs or opt for cost savings without them.

The leaker further confirmed the recent rumor about the Switch 2 having augmented reality (AR) capabilities and not featuring an OLED display. They also referenced an “NG” codename but clarified that this name was exclusively used among developers and not the official in-house term at Nintendo. As a point of reference, the original Switch had the code name NX, and Nintendo only revealed its official name in October 2016, just five months prior to its release in the market.

Nintendo Swith 2 rumors

Even though SoldierDelta has demonstrated access to confidential details, it’s essential to approach their recent disclosures with caution. Nevertheless, a September 2024 launch seems highly plausible, given other recent discoveries indicating a substantial marketing campaign scheduled between June and August 2024, potentially in support of the console’s release.

The official announcement of the Nintendo Switch 2 is still pending. We will continue to provide you with the latest updates as soon as more information becomes available, so please stay tuned for all the current news.

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