Nintendo To Reveal Switch 2 During “E3” Season In June Ahead Of 2025 Release

The gaming community is eagerly anticipating Nintendo’s upcoming hardware, but plans for the Switch 2 appear to be undergoing changes behind the scenes. Recent rumors from credible sources suggest that the initially planned late-2024 release has been pushed to Q1 2025, potentially impacting the timing and manner of Nintendo’s hardware unveiling.

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Insider PH Brazil, the initial source of the Switch 2’s delay to 2025 (later corroborated by reputable outlets like Bloomberg and Video Games Chronicle), indicates that the unveiling of the Switch 2 is expected during the traditional E3 season in June. While Nintendo has officially confirmed plans to outline future developments in their May earnings report, they have not explicitly detailed new hardware, leaving room for a broad, details-light mention in May followed by the actual hardware reveal in June.

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PH Brazil has shared insights into additional upcoming Nintendo PR events. This week, there’s a third-party-focused Nintendo Direct, followed by an Indie World showcase in March. There’s speculation about a broader Nintendo Direct in April, potentially featuring the presentation of the final batch of games for the original Switch, including the much-anticipated Metroid Prime 4.

Source: PH Brazil

Image Credit: Endo, Lega nerd