Notebooks Featuring NVIDIA GA107 GPU Will Be Upgradable to RTX 40 AD106/107 GPUs

NVIDIA so far has been providing test equipment only for their flagship models. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The first cards to launch are based on the AD102/103 and AD104 GPUs but the company is already working on the AD106 and AD107 cards for mobile designs and desktops.

nvidia laptop

Kopite7kimi has recently shared that NVIDIA has already prepared test boards for their AD103 (RTX 4080), AD104 (RTX 4070), AD106 (RTX 4060), and AD107 (RTX 4050) GPUs. OEMs and board partners will soon be getting the complete Ada line up, meaning that we are in for some very accurate leaks soon enough.

Owing to a ransomware attack a couple of months ago, we did across some details on the ADA GPU when it was confirmed that there will be CUDA cores for each card and the RTX 40 series will feature a much bigger L2 cache.

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Kopite7kimi has also claimed that the notebook designs which are based on the GA107 GPU will be upgraded to AD106 or AD107 GPUs. This means that there will either be pin compatibility, the same thermal characteristics, or the same package size. Thanks to the same leaker, we also got to know the maximum board power for each of the GPUs which are perfectly in line with the recent rumors of there being a 800W TGP desktop model. There are also no mobile TGP specifications for the AD102 which means that it will not have a version for mobile workstations.

According to the recent rumors, the RTX 4060 desktop featuring the AD106 GPU will not be made available anytime before the CES 2023. The desktop RTX 3050 model featuring the GA107 GPU was released earlier this year so we don’t see why NVIDIA would have any plans to upgrade this so soon.

Via VideoCardz