Intel ARC A380 Gets Its First Water Block

The GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon OC graphics card now has its own custom block, the Bykski I-GNA380-X GPU BLOCK. So far, the GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon OC is the only desktop Arc model which is available for sale. Whether or not the GUNNIR PCB is a full custom design is yet to be clarified. It is still to be seen what makes more sense considering the price point and the reference layout shared by Intel, hence making it difficult to conclude if the Bykski A380 water block will only fit one model.

Currently, the full cover block only comes with support for the GUNNIR PCB which features the ACM-G11 GPU and a GDDR6 memory of 6 GB. The board comes with a single 8-pin power connector which is good for 92W. With this power requirement, a very sophisticated cooling solution isn’t necessarily required, and we are surprised to see a liquid cooling solution here.

From what we can see, the water block is a single slot which is good for smaller and quieter builds. However, there aren’t many A380 users out there with these builds. So far, there is no mention of the pricing on the official product page.

Via VideoCardz