NVIDIA GeForce MX550 Will Be 15% Faster Than The MX450

NVIDIA is preparing to launch its entry level discrete GPU, GeForce MX550. The card will be the first card based on ampere architecture to feature a 2GB GDDR6 memory.

The Geekbench website shows an undisclosed graphics card along with the Lenovo laptop. The website lists the discrete GPU as ‘Graphics Device’ which clearly makes it an unreleased product with its retail name still unannounced. The ITHome claims this product might be the upcoming GeForce MX550 graphics card.

NVIDIA GeForce MX550

The card would be based on 16 Compute Units, or better say 16 Streaming Multiprocessors each featuring 128 CUDA cores.

MX550 is most likely to be paired with Intel Core i7-1260P 12-core/16-thread CPU, included in the Alder Lake-P (U28) series expected to launch at CES 2022. This system would target sub-50W configuration for CPU+GPU, exclusive to ultra-thin designs. The fact that Lenovo chose an NVIDIA GPU while Intel’s upcoming entry-level Arc Alchemist DG2-128 is expected to release at the same time is quite interesting.

Intel Core i7 1260P

The MX550 would comprise twice as many cores as that of the MX450 (2048 in comparison with 896). This in no way means that the performance has been doubled too. It is unclear how much faster would MX550 memory be as compared to the MX450.

The GPU is 15% more efficient as compared to MX450 when looking at the performance of both GPUs.

No information has been provided about other MX500 series GPUs as of now. We can’t say if the MX550 relies on GA107’s full 128-bit memory bus or if using a 64-bit bus instead.


Via GeekBench