NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Will Have Cryptomining Hash Limiter On “New” Cards

New reports are making rounds stating how NVIDIA will soon be introducing its new LHR (Lite Hash Rate) series where the RTX series cards will carry the same names but they will feature a mining limiter. A previous report also stated that the new graphic cards with limiter will be available from May 2021.

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Indeed, NVIDIA is fighting against the crypto miners as the GA10X-XX2 GPUs based cards will feature crypto mining limiter and ResizableBAR support too. NVIDIA also plans to include crypto mining limiter and ResizableBAR support in other cards to be released in the future. With regard to this, NVIDIA has announced a GeForce 466.27 driver that reintroduces RTX 3060 crypto mining limiter.

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As it was expected that the new’ RTX 3060 models will be based on GA106-302 GPU and will have a new PCI Device ID of 2504. This will prevent the users to use the old drivers for their RTX 3060s. It will also force miners to buy the NVIDIA CMP HX series.

Via Videocardz