AMD Zen4 “Raphael” Ryzen CPUs Will Launch in Q4 2022

The same leakster, @sepeuwmjh, who previously leaked a partial roadmap of AMD, now claims that Zen 4 is expected to arrive in the second half of 2022. The twitter-based leakster has been quite active on the upcoming AMD architecture.

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The leakster believes that the AMD Zen4 Raphael will be announced in Q2 2022, and will be launched a month or two after its announcement. This certain delay of AMD Zen4 has doubted the rumours of Warhol delays since AMD has to provide a competitor against Intel Alder Lake series.

In case you are wondering how Raphael came into the spotlight, another leakster named “MebiuW” revealed the road map piece by piece where Rapheal was spotted. The other leaksters shared the remaining parts of the roadmap.

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AMD hasn’t officially confirmed about both Warhol and Raphael, but various parties have made sure to mention it either directly or through their contacts. The codenames can’t be seen on the roadmap since the roadmap slide dates back to early 2020, and it remains unclear whether AMD has updated the roadmap or not.

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In conclusion, currently, we know that Zen4 will use 5nm process technology, and it will launch in 2022.

Via Twitter