NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPU To Get Boost Over 2.8 GHz

The RTX 4070 SKU recently received a major spec update in which the CUDA cores increase to 7680 and the memory bumped up to a 12 GB capacity. Now, there is also an update on the clock speeds. The memory speed has been increased to 21 Gbps which indicates GDDR6X memory instead of GDDR6 memory which we inspected earlier on with the speed of 18 Gbps. With more memory and an increase in capacity, the bandwidth certainly increases like it has in this case too – up to 504 GB/s.

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Coming to the GPU clocks, the famous Kopite7kimi has clarified the situation. The leaker has published full specs for the RTX 4090 flagship Ada GPU, thus making it easier to compare the two models from the series. The GPU clock turns out to be 70 to 90 MHz higher than what the 450W model is capable of. The RTX 4070 is able to give a base clock of 2310 MHz with a boost at 2610 MHz. However, as we all know, NVIDIA’s official boost clock is almost always lower than the real-world, we are talking of a maximum boost exceeding 2.8 GHz.

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If all this information has got you confused, here it is in simpler words. The RTX series has just received a major clock speed update. As compared to this series, the RTX 3070 has 700 to 900 MHz lower in clock speeds. Combining more cores with higher clocks results in 40 TFLOPS of compute power here which is twice the compute power of the RTX 3070, or in other words equal to that of the RTX 3090 Ti.

The RTX 4070 has been designed in a way that it brings along half the memory and half the performance of the RTX 4090n SKU.

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Mostly all high-end cards of the RTX 40 series will be announced at the same time, but the RTX 4070 is expected to launch after the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 which means some time in the middle of Q4 this year.

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