NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 “GB20X” GPUs Expected To Feature Same Memory Interfaces As RTX 40 “AD10x” Series

According to details provided by Kopite7kimi, gamers should not expect a 512-bit memory bus for the RTX 50 series. Despite previous hints from this reliable hardware leaker, it is now reaffirmed that the main RTX 50 GPU, GB202, will stick to its 384-bit memory bus setup.


Indeed, reports suggest that the entire GB20X GPU family will have memory bus specifications akin to the AD10X (RTX 40). The only variation mentioned is that NVIDIA is expected to alter the naming of one processor from ’04’ to ’05, as disclosed earlier. The RTX 50 series GPUs are set to maintain comparable, if not identical, memory bus specifications, with a confirmed upgrade from GDDR6/GDDR6X to GDDR7, as officially verified by JEDEC.

The upcoming standard will once more enhance memory bandwidth per module, enabling NVIDIA to explore fresh capacity possibilities, including 3GB per module. This presents new prospects for NVIDIA, and it’s uncertain whether the memory capacity specifications will mirror those of the RTX 40. Micron, NVIDIA’s partner for GDDR6X and GDDR5X, has affirmed plans for 24Gb (3GB) modules in 2025.


The anticipated release of the NVIDIA RTX 50 series is slated for the end of this year. Currently, details are limited to the fundamental specifications of the flagship GB202 GPU, projected to boast over 24K CUDA cores. The Blackwell GPUs are reported to utilize the TSMC N3 node and will have DisplayPort 2.1 support.

Image: Micron