NVIDIA GP108-300 GPU Pictured, Will Power GT 1030

We’ve already told you that NVIDIA will be going head to head against AMD in the IGP-replacement discrete market. AMD announced their $79 RX 550 recently and NVIDIA is preparing a new GT 1030. Considering their last entry into the IGP-replacement segment was the GT 730 a refresh is well past due. A picture of the Pascal GP108-300 GPU that will be powering that card has been leaked to the web.


Based on what we’ve heard this chip will have 512 CUDA cores and a TDP of only 30W, so you won’t have any auxiliary power connectors. Pricing should be close to AMD’s RX 550. We haven’t heard much about performance, but if its anywhere close to the RX 550 it is not much to write home about. NVIDIA is expected to release the card the second week of May.

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